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Becca + Jonathan Married!

Becca and Jonathan’s wedding in Pinetop, Arizona was so amazing. First, their wedding was in a beautiful field with the pine trees in the background, and just as the wedding was over, a rainbow appeared over the field, so cool. Then, they had the most delicious food and cake, probably the best cake I’ve ever eaten in my life AND there was a live band that played Blackbird. Not to mention Becca and Jonathan are so chill and fun to be around, plus you can’t beat great family and friends at the wedding. I loved Becca’s look. Very vintage and classic. She looked fabulous.  Seriously, most fun ever.

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Also, the beautiful and creative flowers were done by Everybody Loves Flowers, check them out, I love their work – it’s so fresh and fun yet simple and elegant! Gilbert Wedding Photographer

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Holland, Michigan

I went to visit my family in Indiana a few weeks ago, and my mom and I took an impromptu trip to Holland, Michigan, for the weekend (that’s her there, looking all seaworthy in front of the lighthouse). It was a lot of fun, and I got great shots of the countryside, some of the local landmarks, and a few quirky things we found along the way. The first was this beautiful, old, Dutch windmill on the middle of the little island. It was a stormy out, and we ended up being there right after it closed, so there was no one around. We also (in our attempt to find lake Michigan) stumbled across this huge, red, historical lighthouse. It was a pretty awesome sight against the beautiful lake. On the way home, we drove past a WalMart which was clearly the happening place on Friday night for the local Amish community. And last but not least, we happened upon a request for a prom date, written in sticky foam letters, on a stop sign. I hope she said yes!

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