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California Trip – Part Dos

I realized today going through some photo catalogs that I hadn’t posted any of the photos from the second half of our vacation last summer in California. And I couldn’t not post some of the beautiful Redwoods! They were by far one of my favorite places in the whole world. My husband and I had so much fun driving up the California coast and getting to see all that our beautiful America has to offer. Here are a couple of my favorites from the drive and visit to the Redwoods.

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California Summer Vacation – Part Uno

So I’m about half way through editing photos from our summer trip up the California coast. With senior pictures coming up, weddings this summer, and all the craziness of a new school year, these have kind of been put on the back burner. Sadness, because I really like a lot of them! Here is the first post of two of some of my favorites from our trip. There are a bunch from Carmel, California, and the 17 Mile Drive through some of the prettiest areas of the coast. There are also ones from Morro Bay, CA, you can tell those by the HUMONGOUS rock sticking up out of the ocean. However, my favorite spot, probably on our whole trip, was when I made Tanner pull over somewhere between San Francisco and Jenner – for reasons that my bladder is quite small :), and I found a sweet path trough a mysterious foggy wonderland. It took all my persuasion power to get Tanner to walk down it with me, but when we did, we found this secret beach right by the ocean! We didn’t even know the ocean was so close because it was so foggy. There were crabs, and starfish, and what I’m pretty sure was a shipwreck (or someone dumped some trash, but I’m going with shipwreck because that’s much more exciting). Yay! fun adventures.

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Holland, Michigan

I went to visit my family in Indiana a few weeks ago, and my mom and I took an impromptu trip to Holland, Michigan, for the weekend (that’s her there, looking all seaworthy in front of the lighthouse). It was a lot of fun, and I got great shots of the countryside, some of the local landmarks, and a few quirky things we found along the way. The first was this beautiful, old, Dutch windmill on the middle of the little island. It was a stormy out, and we ended up being there right after it closed, so there was no one around. We also (in our attempt to find lake Michigan) stumbled across this huge, red, historical lighthouse. It was a pretty awesome sight against the beautiful lake. On the way home, we drove past a WalMart which was clearly the happening place on Friday night for the local Amish community. And last but not least, we happened upon a request for a prom date, written in sticky foam letters, on a stop sign. I hope she said yes!

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