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Smith Family – Gilbert Family Photographer

Besides the Smith’s being some pretty cool in-laws, they are also pretty cool to hang out with and take pictures of. I loved their fun colors and enthusiasm for family pictures. I especially love the totally serious one, Brooklyn’s idea of course, with little Arlo screaming his head off. You guys are fabulous!

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Alexis + Friends – Mesa Family Photographer

A big happy birthday to Alexis!! We did a super fun photo shoot with all her friends and sister to celebrate her big day. They were so awesome, and really hammed it up for the camera. You girls looked fabulous!

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Allgood Family – Gilbert Family Photographer

Probably one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever done, the Allgood family had me laughing more than taking pictures 🙂 We tried stepping a little out of the Arizona box with some gorgeous leafy trees, however, that didn’t disguise the fact that it was still 110 degrees out. Either way, the Allgood’s looked fabulous and really knew how to ham it up for the camera. Thanks for the fabulous shoot, and congrats Nick and Whitney on your engagement!

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Muller Family – Gilbert Family Photographer

Just moving to Arizona for this year, the Muller family wanted a reminder of their awesome desert home before being transferred again across the country. What better place to capture the essence of Arizona than with mountains and saguaro! The Muller kids are super awesome, and we had a great time avoiding snakes and cholla cactus and gila monsters (luckly we were sucessful), not to mention having fun climbing rocks and running around the beautiful Sonoran Desert! Good luck on your upcoming move, Muller’s, Arizona will miss your smiling faces!

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Marshall Girls! – Gilbert Family Photographer

Mom and daughter are two peas in a pod in the Marshall family. We had a great time getting some memorable mother and daughter shots and chasing chickens down the road. 🙂 You girls were amazing!

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Tuley Family – Gilbert Family Photographer

The Tuley family looked so classy in their military dress, and was so blessed to welcome their new little one into the family. Evan is a respected marine, and I loved being able to capture him in his uniform with his sweet little girl. There’s nothing like daddy’s little girl to get me all misty-eyed 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful growing family with me, and thank you, Evan, for your service and sacrifice to our country!

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Genske Family

The Genske family had reunited from all over the country for one very important reason (well, besides spending quality family time together), and that was Brewer’s Baseball! What a fun family of dedicated Brewers fans! They wanted some quick shots to remember their time together in Arizona, and when they all came out in matching uniforms and team shirts, I was pretty impressed!

This is how excited they were about Brewer’s baseball and the saguaro cactus behind them. 🙂

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