What in the world do I wear?!?

What to wear, what to wear, that’s the daunting question as you get ready for your photo shoot. The following gives a little information about color, how it works together, what looks best in front of the camera, as well as helpful hints for seniors, couples and families. That’s the best part about being the photographer, I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to wear 🙂

A little about color: 

Colors can be divided into two main camps, warms and cools. Warm colors consist of yellows, reds, and oranges – basically the colors of a sunset (think warm sun across your face). Cools are blues, greens, and purples (like a chilly forest on a mountain). When deciding what to wear, especially with a group of people (such as family shoots or couples) it is helpful to stick to the same families of colors to have a cohesive look across the photo. Browns and creams go well with warm colors. Grays and blacks go well with cool colors. Jeans match everything. I encourage people to avoid stark white, as it washes out your face and overtakes the photo, pushing the important subject (you!) to the background. Blacks can be very classy, but can also become boring without detail – if you are going to wear your cute black dress, throw in a bright green scarf or deep red lipstick to add some shebang. I recommend colors because they pop the subject of the photo out against the background. However, muted, softer colors flow the best between the subject and the background (think sea-foam green, mustard yellow, maroon, etc.).

Family and couple ideas: 

Families can do all sorts of fun things with outfit coordination (or non-coordination). The following are some ideas:

1. I recommend families stick to the same camp of colors (warms or cools), or choose three colors next to each other along the color wheel (like blue, green, and yellow). However, avoid being to matchy-matchy as it draws too much attention to the outfit and not enough attention to the subjects (you and your gorgeous family!).

2. You can coordinate outfits or themes to build a cohesive look to your group, for example, everyone sports their favorite jeans, or everyone wears sunglasses, or everyone has a funky dress shirt.

3. Dark colors and more skin coverage (i.e. sleeves instead of tanks) are more slenderizing, but don’t overdo it, you don’t want your family to look like a big black blob.

4. Don’t forget the shoes! They will almost definitely show in some photos, so make sure they go with the outfits.

5. Avoid all stark white, as again, it distracts from your beautiful selves. Also avoid  logos and writing across your clothes, nothing distracts more than NIKE sprawled across little Johnny’s chest.

6. Patterns can add a nice contrast and pop to a photo, but stick to one or two people with a pattern, too many patterns run the risk of visual overload.

But most importantly, you are here to have fun, and you aren’t going to have fun if you don’t feel like yourself. My biggest and most important suggestion about clothing? Wear what makes you feel good, what makes you feel confident, and what makes you want to keep looking at your pictures for years to come. Don’t know if you should wear your cute new skirt, or if dad should wear stripes or plaid? Throw it all in the back of the car, and we’ll put together something to make you and your family FABULOUS! We’re going to be laughing, jumping, swinging, climbing, running, rolling in the grass, and basically just having a grand ole’ time, so remember, comfy families are happy families! 🙂

Some Examples: 


Portraits (individuals): 

When it’s just you, looking cohesive just doesn’t apply, so this is where it gets really fun! If you are doing individual portraits, especially senior pictures, I recommend bringing several outfits. Usually, most people bring something somewhat formal, something casual, and something uniquely them (think soccer star jersey, cowgirl with her hat and boots, or super retro fashionista – don’t forget the props!). As before, colors are fabulous, but so are browns, creams (even really light creams), and grays. Props are always fun too. Flowers, soccer balls, golf clubs, your favorite mirror sunglasses, whatever makes you, YOU. We’re going to be laughing, telling embarrassing stories while hanging from trees, and meandering across Arizona corn fields, so comfortable, casual, and in whatever you feel most beautiful (or most handsome, boys), and especially most CONFIDENT, is what will make you shine. If you just can’t decide – bring it all, and we’ll put you in something legendary.

Last but not least, if you are stuck, confused, or just downright ready pull whatever smells best out of the dirty laundry, give me a call or text (480-695-9949) or email (, and we will brainstorm together to come up with an outfit that will rock your socks off, or on, depending on how cool your socks are.


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